Rube Goldberg Blog Post #4 – Building The Machine

When Meera and I started to see what we needed to build our design based off of our sketch, we realized that we didn’t have half of the materials we needed. So of course, we had to go get them. We went shopping and searched the entire house. Finally, once we had gathered everything that we could get, we started building.

We basically got everything we needed, except for the lever, which at first we had no idea how to get. Then, after a while, Meera said that her dad could help make one! I had doubted that at first, but then, when it was actually built, I was surprised! It wasn’t the best lever ever, but we couldn’t get anything better. The lever was wobbly, which was our biggest problem, it couldn’t stand. And when we dropped something on it, it would topple over and break apart. I think that was the biggest problem of building the machine.

As Meera and I built our machine, we had no arguments, considering that all we had to do was look off our sketch. But if I remember correctly, I think that we might of disagreed on something while designing the machine. But it was such a small disagreement, that I completely forgot about it. So far, I think that building the Rube Goldberg machine, was the hardest part since we had to find so many materials. But I don’t know, after all, Meera and I might come across some other challenges.