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Capstone Blog Post #1 – Choosing A Topic

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you had to pick one out of two things that you both liked? Well, I certainly have. In fact, I have just gone through that situation from choosing a topic for my classes new project: Capstone.

For capstone, I had two topics I wanted to research. Marine life and YouTube. At first, I didn’t know which one to use. My teacher Mrs. Cooper told my class that we would try out a few different activities to determine which topic would be our final one. One of the activities were to see if you could come up with some questions related to each topic. You also had to come up with questions that fall under different categories like math, science, politics, etc. But they still had to be related to your topic. After trying out many more activities, I finally figured out which topic I would use. And that was YouTube.

I chose YouTube because I love watching it and I want to learn more about it. I have a lot of interest in it and really want it to be my Capstone topic. As much as I wanted marine life to be my capstone topic, I thought YouTube would be easier since my class tried coming up with questions for our topics and I realized I couldn’t come up with many questions for marine life, but I could for YouTube.

Overall, I am happy with my topic choice. I think Capstone is going to be a really fun and exciting experience and I can’t wait!