Rube Goldberg Blog Post #2 – Collaboration

Working with my partner, Meera, has been going great so far! We have agreed on basically everything and haven’t argued once yet. I think that working with a partner, especially one like Meera, makes everything in the whole project easier because we can discuss and collaborate with each other. Meera and I have each contributed about the same amount of work so far. I came up with the simple task, Meera came up with the last few steps leading to it, and we both discussed the whole machine. We have both had a say in the project so far.

Meera and I work great together so there hasn’t been to many challenges yet. But if I had to think of a challenge, then I think it would probably be thinking of the simple task. Meera and I spent lots of time thinking of a simple task, and then when we finally thought of one, we realized it wouldn’t work. For example, we thought maybe the simple task could be to turn off the lights, but then we realized that the light switch was all the way at the bottom of the stairs and we couldn’t build the machine down the stairs because then nobody would be able to get up the stairs, nor down. So I think that figuring out the simple task was probably the most challenging part of this project so far. But other then that, Meera and I have had no other challenges. We haven’t argued, we haven’t fell behind, and we haven’t spent hours figuring out something. Collaborating with Meera has not been a challenge at all, in fact, it has been wonderful!