Rube Goldberg Blog Post #3 – Designing The Machine

The time had finally came! Meera and I started to draw our final sketch of our Rube Goldberg machine. We had a lot to do. And we also had to split the jobs evenly between us. So we decided that I would draw the whole machine, and she would label all the parts of the machine I drew.

When I was halfway through drawing the machine, Meera and I realized that we had not enough room to draw the whole machine! So I had to start over and make the machine smaller so I would be able to fit the whole machine on the paper.

Our first step was dominoes crashing into a car. Our second step was for the car to roll down a ramp and hit a ball. Next, the ball would hit more dominoes. Then, the dominoes would hit an empty water bottle. After that, the empty water bottle would go through a tube and inside the tube would be a ball and a filled water bottle. Inside the tube, the empty water bottle would hit the ball which would hit the filled water bottle. Then the filled water bottle would hit a book and the book would fall onto a lever. Once it falls onto the lever, the other side of the lever would lift up, carrying a piece of string that was attached to the other side of the lever. And the string would also be connected to a post-it and when the string lifted with the other side of the lever, it would lift the post-it with it. And then our simple task which was to lift a post-it off a post-it pack, would be completed.

Designing the machine was easy and difficult. Meera and I had it all planned out. But we don’t know if after we build it, it will end up to be what we expect.

Look below to see our sketch: