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Capstone Blog Post #2 – Finding A Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

Do you know what makes up a good main inquiry question? Well, to get a good main inquiry question, you have to make sure your question is practical, answerable, and has an objective basis. But your question can’t be too personal, the answer to the question can’t be already known, and the answer to the question can’t be a simple fact.

For the next part of my Capstone project, I had to come up with a main inquiry question that I wanted to research inside of my topic, YouTube. After that, I had to come up with sub questions that would help me answer my main inquiry question. My top two choices for my main inquiry question were: “How has YouTube evolved over time?” And: “How has YouTube become so successful and how has is impacted the world?” At first, I didn’t know which one to use, but soon I realized that “How has YouTube evolved over time?” was a better main question and was open to a long answer.

Some of my sub questions are: “How did YouTube work when it first came out?” “How does YouTube work now?” “What are some major changes related to the kinds of videos, technology and ads that are played before the videos begin?” “Why was YouTube created?” And “How did people feel about YouTube when it first came out compared to how they feel about it now?” Sub questions didn’t need to fall under all of the requirements for a main inquiry question, but they still had to be a question where the answer wasn’t a simple fact.

I can’t wait for the next part of this project!