Buddha is the hibachi restaurant to go to. I give it five stars. It is in Rye Ridge Plaza shopping center. You should go there if you’re looking for the perfect hibachi restaurant to go for your birthday, to go for dinner with your family, or to celebrate anything else special. The Japanese food just blows your mind. When you walk in, there is already an activity. You can throw coins into a fountain. If you don’t have any coins, or your parents will not let you waste money, there are fish that you can watch swim on the bottom part of the fountain. That is also a great activity while you are waiting to order or while you are waiting for the hibachi chef to get there. The best part of Buddha is when you get to watch the chef cook your food. They are very talented. They do all sorts of tricks but I don’t want to give them away for when you go there! At least two people have to get the hibachi if you want to see the show. There are many choices on the menu. If you want hibachi, there are two different kinds of meats you can get in your order. You can get chicken or steak or a little bit of both. The ambiance is very relaxing especially the seats . They are cushioned. Overall, Buddha is the place to go.


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  1. Hi Arielle!
    Buddha seems like a great restaurant. I will probably go there. I went to a hibachi place once and they did tricks too! I am looking forward to seeing the tricks at Buddha.

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