Why We Should Have a Class Pet

Did you ever think of having a class pet? Well, class pets usually cheer students up when they walk into their classroom especially when they’re having a bad day. Another reason for having a class pet is that it will be fun to play with during free time like recess. Also, some pets are really cheap. A fourth reason is that if you don’t have a pet at home, having one at school allows you to have the experience of taking care of a pet! So, I hope you follow along and get convinced!

     It would be fun to play with a pet because even if it’s a fish, we could still watch it move around. Another reason for a class pet,  is that we would have fun giving it the supplies that it needs including all its food, habitat, and toys.This is a way to teach us responsibility. It would also allow us to make observations about the pet. Making observations is an important skill in science.

     Some pets are really cheap because goldfish could be $.50 each. If you win one at a carnival, it would be free! Also, all the supplies the pet might need can be less than $1 at most pet stores. A goldfish is a good suggestion because they are cheap; however, they are easy to take care of because they don’t even need a tank the size of the tank a frog needs. They don’t even need a filter! You can just buy a clear bowl and you have a fish tank!

      If we don’t have a pet at your house, school is the place to have one! Owning a pet teaches you responsibility. Each student could take turns caring for the pet. We would learn what the pet needs to be happy and healthy. We would also learn about how much work a pet can be and that pet ownership is not always just fun.

In conclusion, we need to get a class pet. It will help us learn about the animal, learn to responsible and make us calmer. It also means that we would not have to write so many persuasive writing pieces about getting a pet at home. In addition, every time we go to get picked up by our parents at the end of the day, we would not have to beg them to get a pet.  These are my reasons, so I hope you have been persuaded to get a class pet!

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