Tropical Rain Forest Flow of Energy

The tropical rain forest is an important ecosystem. They cover about 7 percent of earth’s lands. But they are actually home to half of the earth’s animal and plant species! A lot of rain falls in the rain forest. You can probably tell by its appropriate name. In some rain forests, 325 inches of rain can fall in a year! The temperature in tropical rain forest ranges between 68 degrees F and 85 degrees F. Gigantic trees are distributed around the tropical rain forest. Some are as high as a 17 story building! Beautiful birds fly through the sky. You hear insects buzzing. This is the day in the life of the tropical rain forest.

       In the tropical rain forest or any other ecosystem, many animals eat each other in a flow of energy. An ecosystem is when living things or nonliving things interact with each other. The flow of energy starts with the sun because herbivores eat plants, and the plants get energy from the sun. If one of the members of an ecosystem is removed, It is very likely that more members will be too. For example, in the tropical rain forest, if a deer has become extinct, a jaguar cannot have one of its meals. If a deer was the jaguar’s only meal, (which it’s not), the jaguar cannot eat. Then the jaguar may become extinct also. There is a difference between producers, decomposers, and consumers. Producers provide their own food. Consumers hunt their food. Decomposers break the consumers up into very tiny pieces. Take a glance at the food web. Which ones do you think are producers? Which ones do you think are consumers? Which ones do you think are decomposers? (Comment your answers) Stay tuned for more awesome posts from my blog! Bye! 😉


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