Nonfiction Reading Unit

In reading, my class teamed up with Ms. Bergerโ€™s class to learn about nonfiction. Mr. DeBerry taught most of the lessons. He taught us really important things about researching and reading nonfiction books or articles.

One of the things he taught us was common nonfiction text structures. These were to understand how the story was organized. The text structures we were looking for were structural, chronological, problem/solution, cause and effect, and compare/contrast. We used those text structures to learn how to take notes. For example, if the text structure was compare/contrast, a vein diagram would be a good way to take notes on that book or article. Another way to take notes on a book with any text structure is to use boxes and bullets.

Boxes and bullets is when you list the subtopic at the top and write bullets under it about that subtopic. For example, if the text structure was problem/solution, on one side you would write problem and box it. Then on the other side you would write solution and box it. After that, you would write bullets. On the side where it says problem, list bullets about the problem of the topic.

Mr. DeBerry also taught us what nonfiction really was. If you are wondering what I mean, he said that nonfiction can be anything true or informational. Even a stop sign on the side of the road is nonfiction. It’s because a stop sign is informational. It is telling you to stop. I figured out from this lesson that most things are nonfiction. Not just a nonfiction story. Since you now know what nonfiction actually is, think about how much of it is in your life!

At the end of the nonfiction unit, we learned about extreme weather. My first topic was hurricanes. My second was tornadoes. We made a presentation that we would present later on for tornadoes. Check it out right here:

Thank you to all my teammates for learning about extreme weather with me! (click on the slideshow for transition and also to go to the next slide)

To see my flipgrid about this unit, click this link: Arielle’s flipgrid. You can also check out some of my classmate’s.

Our nonfiction unit was so helpful to me because our class is now using the skills and lessons we were taught during our nonfiction unit for other subjects besides reading. We use these skills during writing and even social studies. Thanks for reading my post! Bye! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Dear Arielle,
    I really liked your blog post. I really liked how you explained what a text structure was and you explained what kinds of text structures there are. At the end of your post I liked how you added the fact that we are now using our skills to read and write nonfiction for other things besides reading. ๐Ÿ™‚
    – Emma ๐Ÿ™‚

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