Daily Life of Sadie #1: First Two Months With Her

In the first two months with Sadie, a lot has happened. The best thing, of course, was when my mom pulled into the driveway with her for the first time. Me and my sister heard the garage door opening. We ran outside and waved to our mom. She was smiling so big. We looked in the back seat. No Sadie?! Where was she? And then, we saw her. Blending in to the rubber mat on the floor of the car, both black. “Awwww!” Automatic love at first sight.

This dog was literally a life changer for my family. She is such a good dog. She is sweet, friendly, cute, and calm. I love her. Because of this, we can take her anywhere. My mom takes her to drop off and pickup to school. Once, Sadie went to the hairdresser with my mom. My mom said, “Everyone complimented how she just sat there.” We even took Sadie to Florida with us!

Another time I was happy having Sadie was when she got all her shots. That day was the first day that Sadie could play with other dogs or be walked on the street. That night, she had a play date with my friend Cami’s dog. Cami’s dog Penny is bigger than Sadie, so the play date was crazy especially since it was Sadie’s first doggy play date. Sadie was terrified of Penny and Penny just wanted to play with Sadie. Sadie was hiding from Penny under the chair. Penny was chewing Sadie’s toys. I don’t blame Penny, because she had nothing to do except run around and chew toys.

On January 6th, the Saturday after we got Sadie, the trainer came. He said a lot of interesting things about dogs and how to take care of Sadie. I liked his advice, because he had claims and evidence for a reason. Sadie was so easily trained after that.

The first two months with Sadie were fun ones. Probably the best two months of my life. If you didn’t read my post about getting Sadie, go ahead and read it. Thank you so much for reading my blog and please comment if you want me to make another Daily Life of Sadie post. Bye! 😉

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