Technology post 2

In one of the first few days of technology, we played a game called breakout EDU. It’s kind of like escape the room, but the objective was to open the lockbox and get the safety goggles inside. We had to use the sheets of paper that we got and try to get clues from it. There was also a lockbox on Mr. Calvert’s desk. If you got that, it would help you solve one of the locks. There were about 5 or 4 locks and they had different kinds of ways to solve it. For example, one had numbers and one had letters. And one even had arrows. My team took a long time to figure it out and we needed Mr. Calvert’s help because we didn’t understand how we were supposed to get clues. We spent a little bit of time looking around the room, because we didn’t know that we weren’t supposed to find out our clues from around the room, we were supposed to get them from the sheets of paper. In the end, we were glad we finished it on time because we only had a little bit of time since we started late.

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