Technology Post 10

When I finished setting everything up for my flashlight, I had to solder the circuit. I went over to the soldering station and put my safety goggles on. I soldered the different parts of the circuit together and tested it. It worked! I took apart my flashlight and put the circuit inside it. My wires were long, but it was okay because they are flimsy so they are just bent inside the pipes.

The next day in class, I decorated it with markers. I drew hearts all around it and I like how it looks now. It added a touch of color and it looks less pipe-ish. In my flashlight, there are two other spaces to store stuff in, like food or health/doctor supplies. I am very proud of my work because if it had to be in an actual situation like how the kids in Thailand got stuck in that cave, I think it would work very well and save many lives. It feels good to me to get to design something like this to help someone and it also feels very professional. Coming out of technology class, I feel like an engineer and I am so happy I got to use very advanced technology and machines. I have never really used anything like this and it was a great experience for me.

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