Technology Post 9

Today I went for extra help. It was very helpful. I was sort of behind, and this gave me a big boost on my project. I started by looking through the scrap bin because my pipes needed to be shorter and it was too hard to saw just a little bit off. I had a pipe that was the right length, so I needed to find two others that were the same length as that one. I found two, and they weren’t perfect, but it still was pretty close to the length of the original one that I had actually sawed. I assembled my whole flashlight, to make sure it looked right. I put it in the box that it had to fit in, and it fit exactly in it. It stretched the top of the box a little bit, but my pipes were loose so once I fully put the pipes on, It would fit perfectly in the cardboard box. That was all I had to do to find the right parts for my flashlight, but I still had to make the circuit and put it inside the flashlight.

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