Passion project #3

So far in my passion project I haven’t done that much, but I did start my research. I am using the template Mr. Deberry gave us for my notes. It is really helpful. today I would like to do more than two boxes, because yesterday I did not get that much done and I want… Continue Reading Passion project #3

Passion project #2

I will be starting my research today. I will make sure the resources are credible by checking other resources to see if the facts are true. I will use the library resources because I already know they’re credible. I am trying to improve upon some nonfiction reading skills. One of them is chunking the text… Continue Reading Passion project #2

Passion Project #1

My topic is sleepaway camp. My process for choosing this topic was very long. I knew I wanted to do something on sleepaway camp, but it took me a little bit to find what about it that I want to do. I wrote a proposal letter, but I couldn’t find any sources at first. My… Continue Reading Passion Project #1