Passion Project #1

My topic is sleepaway camp. My process for choosing this topic was very long. I knew I wanted to do something on sleepaway camp, but it took me a little bit to find what about it that I want to do. I wrote a proposal letter, but I couldn’t find any sources at first. My mom showed me some books about how sleepaway camp can help you grow and I decided that’s what I want to do my passion project about. Then I realized I needed something a little more and I found some websites about how people thought it was not true and sleepaway camp is not the right choice. I realized I could find more things about either side of the story than just one. Even if I believed in one side, I would also have to include the other. I wrote my proposal letter and I was confident this was a good topic for me to study. My mom said Mr. Deberry might not let me do it, but I knew he would. And he did! For my research questions, they kind of just popped up in my head. I had so many questions about this topic because there was so much I didn’t know.

Link to my proposal letter:

link to my Flipgrid:

I am very excited to do this project!

One thought on “Passion Project #1

  1. I love your project idea! It is an amazing idea with a lot of heart! I also like how focused and inspired to do this one topic. That show that you have a lot of passion for it!

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