Passion project #2

I will be starting my research today. I will make sure the resources are credible by checking other resources to see if the facts are true. I will use the library resources because I already know they’re credible. I am trying to improve upon some nonfiction reading skills. One of them is chunking the text better, and putting it in my own words. Usually I just try to rephrase it, but when you know the exact words in a sentence, its hard. I need to just close the book, think about what I just read, and then write about it. I hope I can get better at this. When I’m taking notes, I like to use bullets or make a chart. I think charts are really helpful because you don’t have to jot down information and worry about plagiarizing because all your writing is a few words per sentence that you read.

One thought on “Passion project #2

  1. I love how you are trying very hard to improve on your reading skills! I also like how you are going to to use other sources to check your sources and use sources that you already now are credible! Nice thinking!

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