Passion project #3

So far in my passion project I haven’t done that much, but I did start my research. I am using the template Mr. Deberry gave us for my notes. It is really helpful. today I would like to do more than two boxes, because yesterday I did not get that much done and I want to be able to finish this project on time, but also make it really good. So far I feel like the quality of my work is not so good and I want to improve. I feel like I have been good at putting stuff into my own words, but I need to work more efficiently and get more research done before I run out of time.

One thought on “Passion project #3

  1. I like how you were able to identify a problem that you had and fix it. That is a good skill to have! I also think that you are doing a good job with your time management and making up for the time that you missed. Your passion project seems amazing!

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