About Me Scratch Project

My about me project on scratch shows many things I like. For example, it shows the logo of my camp and camp is something that I really like. I also used other sprites. Some of them were my dog, a picture of me, a design of my name, a picture of my bunk at camp,… Continue Reading About Me Scratch Project

Passion project #7

Some parts of this project were hard, and some weren’t. One thing that was hard for me was That I did not have a teacher who could help me. We had zooms, but there is only a limited amount of time and the teacher can’t really help one individual person. My mom had to help… Continue Reading Passion project #7

Passion project #4

Working on this project I learned that I am a bad time manager even though I already knew that. I also learned that I’m also a procrastinator, even though I already knew that too. I’m very behind on research and usually I don’t have time to do it until my bedtime, and then my parents… Continue Reading Passion project #4