Passion project #4

Working on this project I learned that I am a bad time manager even though I already knew that. I also learned that I’m also a procrastinator, even though I already knew that too. I’m very behind on research and usually I don’t have time to do it until my bedtime, and then my parents don’t let me work on it. My mom always says “you can do it tomorrow” but then the next day she says that too. Today I am hoping to catch up on my research if that’s even possible. I learned about myself as a reader too. I feel like I am good at analyzing text and then taking notes on it. What helps for me is to not think about the words. I think about the main ideas that the author is trying to tell me, and then I rite it down. but only if it’s important to my topic and my sub question. I think of myself as a slow learner, but I think that’s okay. Sometimes I just like to process what I just learned and let it sink into my mind. that helps me remember it better and have more knowledge. Most people like to learn stuff to get a good grade, but I feel like in order to be smart, I need to actually understand what I’m learning. Because most of our e-learning is for completion. I like that though. It puts less pressure on us.

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  1. Those are very good analysis! I also love the “micro-sentence” that you put in the paragraph about your mom, it gives me a visual about what happens during that time! I also think that you will be able to catch up on your research!


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