Fantasy post #1

I don’t really like fantasy because sometimes it is hard for me to just stretch my imagination. Sometimes when I’m watching movies I scream out, “how could that happen?” Or “why didn’t they just do this instead of this it would’ve been much smarter!” Even if it is realistic fiction. My mom’s response is always, “it’s just a movie. Stop overthinking it.” This is why I have trouble with fantasy. I just can’t seem to imagine what is going on. My favorite fantasy book that I have ever read is probably the one I’m reading right now for this unit. It is called the hunger games and I like it because it’s really good, but also cause it’s one of the first fantasy books I’ve ever read and there’s not much competition. For this unit I am also reading the rest of the hunger games series, and a book called The Giver. I chose these because I saw the hunger games on the list and I heard it was a good book, and I knew I would like it so I also decided to read the whole series. My first friends from the city both read The Giver and they really liked it apparently, so that is how I chose my fourth book.

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