Fantasy #2

I just finished my analytical paragraph. I found it comfortable because I have written similar things like this before so I knew what type of things to write. Since I usually don’t read fantasy books, it was a little different, but the structure was pretty much the same. I found it interesting that while I was writing this, it really helped me develop a connection with the character, because I was taking a closer look at the book and finding out more about her along the way. When I was writing my analytical paragraph, one thing I found challenging was finding evidence. I knew what piece of evidence I wanted to use, but it usually took a long time to find it. I also struggled a little bit with the ending because I couldn’t think of a good way to wrap it up. I looked back at my Ponyboy paragraph from when we read the outsiders, because that was something that I knew I did good job on, and it was also a pretty similar structure to what I was writing. It really helped me with my ending.

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