Computer Tech Final Blog Post

For my game design project, I chose the maze. The hardest part for me was getting it to move on it’s own after you click an arrow. I asked Mr. Rose for help, and we both worked on it with help from my classmate. It took a long time, but we finally got it. That is also what I am most proud of because it took a lot of dedication and we didn’t give up. If I had more time, I would definitely have made it more different from the original one. For example, I would’ve made a different sprite and background. I played someone’s pong game. It was really interesting because it kept on going in random places after it bounced back. I thought it was really cool how they had a score box to tell you how many points you had.

My favorite project was probably the About Me project. I liked this a lot because you got to do your own thing and make it about you. Because it was about me, it made it feel more special. One thing that worked well for me from working from home was the zooms. These really helped me understand the teacher and what he was teaching. It almost felt like I was in a real classroom. Another thing I really liked during E-learning was how we could choose our own schedule for our work. And we could spread it out throughout the day if we had somewhere to go or if we simply just needed a break. There were also a lot of bad things about working from home. One of them was that we didn’t have a teacher with us to help us with work. This was a problem for me because I either had to email them and wait for a response, or I had to ask them on zoom. The next zoom would usually be the next day, so my work would be late if it was due that day. Overall, E-learning was a very different and unique experience. I like real school better.


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