Technology Safety post 1

One day in tech class mr Calvert was telling us all about the injuries that happen in the classroom. Nicole got impaled too. There was a cabinet with a gun in it and he said thAT SCISSORS CAN HURT MORE. WHAT? We were all laughing because it was so funny. The class was very helpful.… Continue Reading Technology Safety post 1

Quick Halloween Story

Hello. My name is Alfred. I can’t fall asleep. I am lying in bed. My parents just said goodnight to me and checked under my bed. You might be asking why they checked under my bed. Yes, I am scared of ghosts. I am thinking about how my parents seem to be acting weirdly. I… Continue Reading Quick Halloween Story

4th Grade

4th grade was a great year for me. 4th grade was a great year for me mostly because I had a good class and teacher and I learned a lot. One of the reasons 4th grade was a great year for me is that I had a good class and teacher. I had a good… Continue Reading 4th Grade

Cactuses at Risk

Title: Cactuses at Risk Source: Time for Kids Article Date: April 27, 2018 News Type: World Summary: In the article Cactuses at Risk by Rebecca Katzman, Cactuses are at risk. Poachers are driving into the desert and digging them up. The 2015 Global Cactus Assessment said that poaching is the main threat to cactuses around… Continue Reading Cactuses at Risk

Nonfiction Reading Unit

In reading, my class teamed up with Ms. Berger’s class to learn about nonfiction. Mr. DeBerry taught most of the lessons. He taught us really important things about researching and reading nonfiction books or articles. One of the things he taught us was common nonfiction text structures. These were to understand how the story was… Continue Reading Nonfiction Reading Unit


Hanukkah is an amazing celebration. Another name for it is the festival of lights. It is about miracles. In the history of Hanukkah, two miracles happened. One of them is when the Jews were going to light the menorah, they only had enough oil to last for one night. But a miracle happened and it… Continue Reading Hanukkah