Computer tech Spreadsheets

I did the worksheet about the snowfall in different states. I noticed that it was annually which means in a year, so the column that I added on was how much snowfall there was in 5 years. This helped me understand the amount of snowfall there would be in a larger amount of time. My… Continue Reading Computer tech Spreadsheets

Photo Essay post #1

My photo essay is going to show all the activities I have been doing in quarantine and how I have been making it more fun. I want people to learn that they can take something boring and make it fun, for example quarantine. We all have a lot of time on our hands, and instead… Continue Reading Photo Essay post #1

Computer tech post #5

Today when I was working on Learn to Code 1, I really struggled with a puzzle called slotted stairways. It was hard for me because I made a few mistakes. They were easy to fix, but I just couldn’t find the place where there was a mistake that I needed to fix. I couldn’t figure… Continue Reading Computer tech post #5

Computer tech learn to code 1

  moveForward() moveForward() moveForward() collectGem() moveForward() moveForward() moveForward() moveForward() toggleSwitch() I had to turn my iPad around to figure out which way it was going and how many spaces it needed to go.

Fantasy #2

I just finished my analytical paragraph. I found it comfortable because I have written similar things like this before so I knew what type of things to write. Since I usually don’t read fantasy books, it was a little different, but the structure was pretty much the same. I found it interesting that while I… Continue Reading Fantasy #2

Computer tech Music Video

I liked this video because it was very interesting. There were 3 ballerinas, but two of them were the background dancers and they danced at the exact same time. The one in the front danced differently at a different time. That is what I liked about the animation. I liked how the soundtrack changed to… Continue Reading Computer tech Music Video

Fantasy post #1

I don’t really like fantasy because sometimes it is hard for me to just stretch my imagination. Sometimes when I’m watching movies I scream out, “how could that happen?” Or “why didn’t they just do this instead of this it would’ve been much smarter!” Even if it is realistic fiction. My mom’s response is always,… Continue Reading Fantasy post #1

About Me Scratch Project

My about me project on scratch shows many things I like. For example, it shows the logo of my camp and camp is something that I really like. I also used other sprites. Some of them were my dog, a picture of me, a design of my name, a picture of my bunk at camp,… Continue Reading About Me Scratch Project

Passion project #7

Some parts of this project were hard, and some weren’t. One thing that was hard for me was That I did not have a teacher who could help me. We had zooms, but there is only a limited amount of time and the teacher can’t really help one individual person. My mom had to help… Continue Reading Passion project #7