Nonfiction Reading Unit

In reading, my class teamed up with Ms. Berger’s class to learn about nonfiction. Mr. DeBerry taught most of the lessons. He taught us really important things about researching and reading nonfiction books or articles. One of the things he taught us was common nonfiction text structures. These were to understand how the story was… Continue Reading Nonfiction Reading Unit


Hanukkah is an amazing celebration. Another name for it is the festival of lights. It is about miracles. In the history of Hanukkah, two miracles happened. One of them is when the Jews were going to light the menorah, they only had enough oil to last for one night. But a miracle happened and it… Continue Reading Hanukkah

I’m Back!

I’m Back!   Hello, I’m back! I am in fourth grade now. I live with my mom, dad, and my sister. My favorite animals are dogs. My favorite food is watermelon. I love to climb. I also love to play soccer. I love holidays and special occasions too!      Dogs are my favorite animals because they… Continue Reading I’m Back!


Buddha is the hibachi restaurant to go to. I give it five stars. It is in Rye Ridge Plaza shopping center. You should go there if you’re looking for the perfect hibachi restaurant to go for your birthday, to go for dinner with your family, or to celebrate anything else special. The Japanese food just… Continue Reading Buddha