I love school. The best part about it is orchestra, math, and P.E. In orchestra I love it so much because I am more advanced in violin, so it’s really easy for me which then makes it incredibly fun. I love math because I’m pretty good at it too. Last but not least I like P.E. (Physical Education) because I am a pretty athletic and most of the sports that we play in P.E. are really, really, fun even if I suck at lots of them 🙂 My favorite is basketball, actually football, and volleyball, and, and, and, SO MANY MOREEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Basketball is the best. 🙂 Unless you don’t get passed to.

4 thoughts on “School

  1. I didn’t know you liked P.E. I thought you were like me when it comes to chorus (I just go with the flow because I have to) most people who really love sports, but aren’t to good at them are not noticed, I would never stand out if I wasn’t fast. Any way I think you are pretty good, not that bad! ?

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