food review haaggen dazs

If you love cold and creamy ice cream you will probably really like haagen dazs . haagen dazs is a really great ice cream place the ice cream is creamy and cold and it tastes. At haggen dazs you get your ice right after you order your ice cream and toppings They have different types of cones. Haggen daz have very good flavors like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate,  cookie dough and mint chocolate chip. haggen daz  have lots of locations. Haggen daz have toppings like bits of very very very yummy candy, gummy bears and chocolate pros are haggen daz has a really cold interior for ice cream, you get a cone or a cup and lots of benches inside and outside.the ice cream at Haggen Dazs is really enjoyable.I do not  have any con’s because haggen daz is to good to have even one con.  I rate haggen daz five out of five  go haggen daz. The link to the haggen daz website is right here


current event

Did you know that earth gets hit by thousands of cosmic waste each year to protect our planet on 2/13/19 nasa announced that they to test a defence system in 2021 dart the spacecraft will go to the moonlet didymos b and it will change the speed of didymos therefore making it not hit us


Personal response I chose this article because its cool you can change astroids speed




Colonial america If you lived in Colonial america then you probably know the 13 colonies  you also would live next to slaves and indians. If you had slaves life would be easier to you you to live. But you were still ruled by england king  life was easy or hard then depending who you are.

Hello world!

Hello world

Hi! My name is Benny and I am in fourth grade at Fox Meadow School.  I have three brothers.


My favorite thing to do is play video games. My favorite video game is Minecraft.  I have been playing Minecraft for about 2 years. I really like to fight in Minecraft.


I also like to skateboard. I have been skateboarding for 2 years. I like to go on the ramps when I skateboard. I learned how to do it at my camp.


I am going to be posting about tips in video games , school work and my current event’s. What is your favorite thing to do? Comment and try to go back to my blog later.