Scratch Project #1

For my first scratch project I went with the simple stuff, I started with the “get the apples in the bowl” game. Here is the game.

It took me about a half hour to code. But it felt like ten minutes. I think my favorite scratch project was my 2nd. I honestly thought that everyone would think it’s bad because wouldn’t have met the expectations. I sure hope it does!

3 thoughts on “Scratch Project #1

  1. I loved the game that you put in, it was so challenging and addicting. The only thing I would ask for you to do is write a little bit more.

  2. Other people also coded something like this, but yours was unique because it had stars and red things. You also added more stars and red things than the other ones.
    Suggestion: Maybe you could add sound effects when you hit the stats and red things, and/or maybe music.

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