Interview Capstone #4

I finally got my interview! It was so much cooler than I thought. His name was Ron he is one of my dad’s friends. I went to Cornell’s labs to see what DNA looks like. We ate lunch together while talking about enhancing DNA over a machine with a microscope inside of it. When I finished my site visit, I sat down with him and I asked my questions. He answered 7/10 questions. My favorite answer was that he “felt free in his workplace”. He got to decide what he did every day. I said thank you to Ron and then my dad and I left. It was fun to interview Ron, and it was better than I expected.

Site visit Capstone #3

Before I did my interview, I did my site visit. I went to a lab inside of Cornell University. I was so excited. I’ve been waiting for so long and now I can finally finish this. My interview/site visit was due about a couple of weeks ago. I went inside the college and ate lunch with Ron. You should know who he is from my last blog post. He was really open to conversation. When we got to the lab he introduced me to all the people that work in the lab as well.

I got to take a look at ALL the tech inside the lab. It was so cool. I saw specs of DNA bacteria and what viruses do to bacteria. After that is when I interviewed him. Then he offered to come back when I was 16 to see a different more interesting lab. Of course, I said yes. I will definitely go back.

Capstone #5 Main Inquiry Essay

For Capstone, we had to write an essay on our Main Inquiry Question. Since I had my interview yesterday and all the info is fresh in my mind. Even though the guy I interviewed Ron, studied cancer, He still showed a bunch of machines that cut DNA and replace/fix it. He was great. He let me see the lab at Cornell University.

Have you ever heard of Forensic science? Probably not right? Forensic science is where you solve murder cases using fingerprint and DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) data. After answering our sub-questions, we had to use the answers from our sub-questions to answer this question. My Main Inquiry Question is, How is forensic science used to solve crimes and what part of the process is most important? Honestly, this question looked really hard to answer, but I just tried to do my best to answer. I’m going to break down the question into 2 little parts because I can’t just answer the whole question all at once. Forensic science can back itself up with evidence.


Let’s start with the first part of the question, “How is forensic science used to solve crimes?” Forensic science is used to catch criminals. You can check the murder weapon for a DNA traces, footsteps or marks on the body of course. Then they take all of the DNA traces and put it on a machine which matches a person to their DNA. It shows a bunch of patterns. Then they find the criminals location and arrest him. Forensic science is a very effective way of catching criminals and it paid off in many situations. It also dates back to 44 BC in the case of Julius Caesar when he got stabbed to death. Forensic science is also used to solve crimes in terms of giving evidence. As you can see by my evidence, Forensic science is very important to an average case of murder.


The next part of what process of solving a case is the most important. Usually, an average forensic case takes about 54 hours and 45 minutes, so that’s probably a lot of steps. The most important step would probably be checking the weapon for DNA traces. But actually, research tells you that collecting evidence is the most important part because how would you get DNA traces without the weapon itself. Just so you can agree with me let me tell you all of the steps. First, collect evidence. Second go back to the lab to run tests. Next, you test each piece of evidence for DNA traces. After you finish, you get the patterns of DNA on each piece of evidence and you compare them to suspect’s DNA. Next, you figure out what DNA patterns look similar. Once you find the right one you go find the man/ women’s ID. Then you find out where they live bust in and arrest them. You probably go to court with them and you can use the evidence against them and they get proven guilty. After that, you put all the evidence and research in a case file. A case file is a folder that contains everything about the case to use for future reference. Or when the person you arrested is

a suspect for another crime you can check their criminal records for crimes that person did. It’s all about reputation. Now, let’s put this all together…


Forensic science is a very useful way of catching criminals because they can check DNA machines, to find the criminals identity and then arrest them. Also, the most important the process step is collecting DNA evidence from the crime scene. The question that I’ve been wanting to answer for a few months now and the answer is: Forensic science solves crimes in an easter manner and helps in the end. Also, the most important step is collecting evidence because it is the moral foundation of the case. If you are interested in learning more this is a link to show you how forensic science came to be: Here is a youtube video I got a lot of my research from. If you want to learn about some equipment used in forensic science click these links:



I hope you enjoyed!!


Ellis Island Trip

We recently went to Ellis Island to get a better understanding of immigration. It was fun for the most part, sometimes your just walking around. I enjoyed the movie but that’s not even the good part. I actually fell asleep because I was so tired  from waking up at 6:15 A.M. I liked lunch because used 50 cents to look at the statue of Liberty. Then we got to see some immigrant’s names. I found 2 distant relatives with MY last name it was awesome! The ride back was smooth pretty good. I liked the trip. 8/1o witch is pretty good.

Capstone #2 Sub Questions

Welcome to capstone part 2! Today I will be talking about choosing my main question and 5 sub-questions. I’ll tell you why I have to in a bit. But first, let’s have a little refresher of what happened last time. I choose VR then went to Dc Vs Marvel. What I’m pretty sure that I did not tell you is that I choose Forensic science. Can you make the connection between one DC hero that is a Forensic Scientist? Let’s get back to why I need 6 questions. Part of Capstone is that you need an interview with someone that has to do with the topic you study. Here are the questions I choose:

1: Who do Forensic Scientists work for?

2: What are the different careers in Forensic science?

3: What skills do you need to be a Forensic Scientist?

4: How much of an evidence sample is needed to obtain DNA results?

5: How do I interpret a forensic DNA report?

Alright, that’s all the info I can give for now Ill report asap goodbye for now!

Where I’m From

For school we had to make a Where I’m From poem. It’s where you write a poem about your life Here it is…

Please comment about how I did! I did the poem because this month is art and poetry month. I hope you enjoyed my poetry!.

Capstone #1 Finding My Topic

Capstone is a project where you pick a topic and research that topic a lot when you give a presentation. At first, I did not know what to do. After doing the packet to help make your decision it was clear. I was going to do VR. VR (Aka Virtual Reality) I thought was a very interesting topic because it had a lot of engineering and science.

But later on, I changed my topic to DC Comics VS Marvel Comics. I thought it was a better topic for me and I hope I enjoy the process

Scratch Project Final #4

Finally, only one more to go! I went with the most simple idea possible: Pong game

Here is the final link

When I finished this I had too admit making these really made me better at coding. I might actually do some scratch on my own time. I started out liking Tynker more but now I like scratch more because the instructions give more info on how to do it. Even though Tynker lets you drag the bricks out of the instructions itself, it kind of leaves you hanging. I sort of enjoyed this!

Tynker Project #3

For my third project I went with Tynker this time because we have to do at least one of each. This game is really simple. It’s just Angry Birds with different characters.

Here’s the game…

When making this project I really wanted to get it done so I decided to rush this one a bit, but a games a game am I right? So I feel like the last 2 aren’t my best work but that was me getting tired of doing the projects.

Scatch Project #2

When making my second scratch project I thought of what can be better than the last one. Then I went with a classic game of Hide-an-Seek Here’s the game

I think the Easter egg will get me more views because players who some how find this game, can visit more and more times looking for the Easter egg. Hint: Has to do with when you lose. Well… scratch project’s 3 and 4 are not my best, but there ok.