Scratch Project #1

For my first scratch project I went with the simple stuff, I started with the “get the apples in the bowl” game. Here is the game.

It took me about a half hour to code. But it felt like ten minutes. I think my favorite scratch project was my 2nd. I honestly thought that everyone would think it’s bad because wouldn’t have met the expectations. I sure hope it does!

Meet #3

We first planned our meets. We would meet on Wednesday’s Saturday’s and some Sunday’s. Well, Wednesday did not work out because I was not feeling good. We met after our basketball games.

Each meet would be about 1-3 hours long. Our first meet was a Saturday it was 3 hours long and we finished building. All in one meet! Our second meet was next Saturday because again, I was sick on the following Wednesday. When we met on Saturday, we did some testing for ideas. We were ready!

Partner #2

I sat in my chair wondering who my partner would be. I looked around and finally I caught Will’s eye. He had looked at me and I looked back. Why not he be my partner. Then we talked and decided to do a group of 3. Me Will and Kevin.

As if planning a meet was already hard enough, no one was free on the weekdays except me. We settled on weekends for about 2 hours. But later that day Alex joined our group. He goes skiing on the weekend. So, we can only meet for a bit on Sunday. It’s hectic. We decided: Me and Kevin Will and Alex.

We Begin! #1

Today is no ordinary day, today… my class is building Rube Goldberg machines! A Rube Goldberg is a complex chain reaction all just to preform a simple task like turn on the lights. The most challenging thing about a Rube Goldberg machine in my opinion is coming up with an original idea.

I have been wanting to do a Rube Goldberg project since my sister did it. I was just in 1st Grade when she finished I thought it meant: “Playdate Heaven.” It actually meant: “HARD WORK!” that’s at least what my sister said. My teacher showed us a lot of videos about Rube Goldberg machines. It’s finally time- wait, who will be my partner?…

Edit Edit Edit!! #6

When I started to edit it looked so hard. But, a few minutes later my sister helped me. She gave me some tips on how to edit well and make it overall “Clean.” About 20 minutes later I was on my own. I decided to do a little today because it was getting late.

The next day was Sunday. I relaxed and played video games. It was 7:00 pm and that’s when it hit me hard in the head. I had completely forgot and I only got to cut some clips, and put music, and make a clip shorter. Monday was very progressive and I got a lot done. Tuesday I finished it Clean smooth and perfect.

That’s my Rube Goldberg experience.

It Worked! #5

I rolled the marble, it triggered all the traps, then, POP! When the machine worked I wanted to scream but I am not supposed to because part of script was to act casual. So I just felt excited inside. It felt good to actually finish. We were so happy! We finished right on time to. My partner had to go somewhere.

So… they dropped me off and I told my parents. They told me to do some editing. But first, I was going to show everyone the success! I know the video I showed, My family, My cousins (all of them), and my friends. Some people were on there 30th try! It was a great success!

Next… the editing.

Building #4

When I got into my group for Rube Goldberg We thought of what should we do? We finally settled on simply pouring water into a cup. It was harder than we thought. How would it work? What should we use? We did not know so then one day my partner came up to me and said, “what if we pop a balloon?” I agreed and we planed our next meet.

We built everything but then we realized that it was only 5 steps. So we changed some stuff then we had 7. We had been wanting to use a pulley so we used it and that made 8 steps. We were running out of time. I was sick for a long time so we did not get to meet a lot. So the last meet we had we got right down to business. We recorded and time after time it would fail.

But, we were not ready to give up!

Reflection On 5th Grade So Far

The firs trimester of 5th grade ended. I had a pretty shaky start. It was rough to get back to school. But it was ok in the end. It was really fun! Especially the field trips. They where awesome! My personal favorite was the board of legislators trip. We got to debate where real legislators would debate and sit where they would sit. Looking forward for next trimester.



Rocket Reflection

I just came back from my group’s rocketry presentation. I was really nervous. The closer I got to the computer lab to present, the more scared I got. Once we started to present, I kind of stumbled and I felt a bit weird because my slides were the first two in the presentation. But after those first two slides, I was used to presenting and eventually I got through it! I tried to make the parents laugh by telling them that the guy screaming in the background of our third launch video was me. (It was me!)  Now that my group has presented, I can say that making and giving the presentations was a fun experience and one we’ll all remember. Only three groups went today and the other two will go tomorrow, on the second part of our share. After we were done, it was hard to keep quiet while looking at two other groups present for 12 minutes each, but we did because we knew how hard we had all worked on making the slides and practicing our presentations.