Spring Break!

I am so exited that spring break is almost here I will maybe travel to California or Chicago for pass over. Or maybe stay home and play roblox. Or pokemon showdown. I will really love to go to my relitives for pass over. I want to see my cousins too. it’s been forever. Passover is one of the best holidays in my opinion because you spend time with family and friends. Also I would never wake up to go to school because I will be playing on the computer.



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My Colonial Book Reflection

I thought writing a colonial book was fantastic. My favorite part was putting in pictures that fit the text. But still I loved the rest.

When we got to share our books, I was astounded on how everyone did. That was one of the best projects ever! The Experience was great.

I thought finding the facts and stuff like that was hard. I read all kinds of books. But most of them are facts about the wrong time period.