December 17

Hello World

Hello World

Hello world my name is Benny. I’m ten years old and I’m in fourth grade. My school is called Fox Meadow. I like to play basketball, play on my trampoline, and play Fortnite. My favorite food is steak and my favorite dessert is hot fudge brownies. I have a Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, and Dog.


I’m on a basketball team called the Scarsdale Sharks and we are one of the best teams in the league. We win a lot of championships and I have ten people on my team. I usually play Shooting Guard in my games and I’m on the starting lineup. 🏀


The things I do on my trampoline is do all kinds of flips and I have a basketball and a basketball hoop in my trampoline, it is really fun to play basketball on my trampoline. I can bounce really high on my trampoline and everyone that comes over and plays on my trampoline like me to bounce them really high.


In Fortnite I’m really good my favorite thing in the game is a legendary sniper rifle because I’m really good with them. My favorite skin is The Ice King,  my favorite place to land is Polar Peak Season seven because there is so many chests.


March 16

Dust Buddies

Dust Buddies

By:Benny F.

In the film Dust Buddies, it reads that the main character is smart. This shows how the main character is smart by unplugging the vacuum, so he could go inside to save his friends. In the end he sucks the maid into the vacuum that is another reason why he is smart. In one part of the story that shows he is smart is when he the paper clip to get the cracker. This shows how the dust buddy is smart.

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January 8

Maglev Trains

Maglev trains

By:Benny Foster

   A maglev train is a train that you put magnets on and on the track and it floats above the track. My groups idea was to only  magnets on the track and on the foam and we put two long ones on the side of the track and a few in the middle.                                                                                                                                                   The foam floated above the track and our group could put 14 marble on the piece of foam and it would still levitate. We only used nine strip magnets for the maglev train. On the track we put the magnets on the north side not the south and we put them in a box.

     The improvements we made was that we used too much magnets that it made it heavy and we also used disc magnets and we used ring magnets.

    I learned that when you put north and south together they attract and if you put north and north together they repel and if you put south and south together they repel. I think maglev trains are fun to make.


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