November 7


Learning to get better at reading comprehension would make my life better because I would understand more about what I’m reading. Learning Hebrew would make my life more interesting because then I would know what they are saying at services.

My fixed mindset name is Basketball Benny. Some situations when my fixed mindset shows up are when I’m reading. When I hear my fixed mindset voice I will tell myself just keep trying. When I hear my fixed mindset voice I will tell myself everyone struggles.

A mistake I made recently even though I tried my best was in a really hard math problem. After I made the mistake, I fixed it. My reaction of myself helped me to remember to try again so, I told myself to try again.

I get frustrated from when I have to do work for a long time. Frustration is important because then you can push yourself to keep trying. What will you say to yourself to remember getting frustrated is good for you? I will say it is okay. Frustration is good for you. When I get frustrated I will take a break and I will take deep breaths. I will ask the teacher for help when I get stuck on something.

I want to achieve my goal because I will feel proud. If I achieve my goal I will feel proud. I want to achieve my goal but, I know I will have to be strong when it gets hard. I want to achieve my goal but, I know nothing will get in the way. To conquer the obstacle I will have to try hard. The top three things I learned are do your best, your brain always gets stronger, and frustration is good for you.

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4 thoughts on “Learnstorm

  1. rchen27

    Nice Job! I like how you talked about a Growth Mindset and Persistence. I look forward to your next post! Go Boston Celtics !!!

  2. mrsmarshall

    Indeed, persistence is key when you feel frustrated, because it’s easy to give up. But then you don’t grow. I am glad you want to become a better reader, but what’s your plan for that? It helps to be specific. I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your goals.


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