Coronavirous News

Location               Confirmed   Deaths   Recovered     Location          Confirmed   Deaths   Recovered

New York              7102              38           0                    Washington    1377               74           102

California              1074              19           6                     New Jersey      742                9              0

Florida                   520               10           0                     Louisiana         479               11             0

Illinois                   423                4             2                    Michigan          336                3               0

Massachusetts     328                0             1                     Texas                327                5              4

Georgia                 288                10           0                    Colorado          277                 4               0

Pennsylvania       268                1             0                    Wisconsin        189                 3                1

Connecticut         159                 3             0                  North Carolina 155                 0                0

Tennessee            155                 0             0                   Maryland          148                1                 4

Ohio                      120                1              0                   Virginia             103                2                 1

Nevada                   95                1              0                   Minnesota        91                  0                  0

Oregon                   88               3              0                   Indiana             82                  2                  0

South Carolina     81               3               0                   Mississippi      80                  1                   0

Utah                       79               0               0                   Alaska              78                   0                  0

Arkansas               62               o               0                   Arizona            58                   0                   1

Maine                    52               0               0                   Kentucky         47                   2                   2

Missouri               47                1                1                   Oklahoma       46                   1                    1

Iowa                     44                 0               0             New Hampshire 44                   0                    0

Rhode Island     38                 0                0                  Kansas            38                   1                     0

Delaware             38                0                0                  New Mexico   35                   0                    0

Nebraska            32                 0                0                 Hawaii              26                   0                    0

Idaho                   23                0                 0                Vermont            22                   2                    0

North Dakota    19                 0                 0                Wyoming           18                    0                   0

Montana            15                 0                 0                 South Dakota    14                     1                   0

Alaska                12                 0                 0                 West Virginia    5                       0                   0



My replica


Yesterday I finished my replica and I’m proud of it. My replica is based on star wars’s gigantic, huge cannon it was seen in the end 8 star wars movie called The Last Jedi that was in theaters December 9, 2017  and it was 152 minutes long. I built this replica because my whole family is a huge star wars fan of the movies, my was a fan from the 1-6 because he thinks from the 7-9 movies don’t make any sense mostly the 9th. In Hungary we had all the movies from the first to the seventh and my favorite part from the eighth was the end.

Why I like baking

I like baking because when I bake I forget about my problems and I’m on my happy side. I also like when I mix the ingredients because it is satisfying for me to see the ingredients mix and blend together. When people are playing some sports they need another person to play with except for swimming and running and a few other sports but in baking and cooking you can do it by yourself except for kids because they need help with the oven because safety first. My favorite part in baking is the decorating because I can have my imagination run wild I also like legos because of that.

What I did over the school break?

Over the school break I go to play tennis with my brother and sister at the high school every day. I played some soccer too at the high school. I stopped playing soccer at the high school because it was boring to play by my self. So one day I asked Edvard (my big brother) to play soccer with me ad he said,”Yes,I would be thrilled to play with you,” but when we got to the high school he was saying things like why am I playing soccer, or soccer is trash I want to ply tennis with Mom. This is why I stopped playing soccer with Edvard.

I also baked with my mom a Hungarian style sour cherry pie (gluten free), a banana whoopie pie (gluten free), and a blueberry muffin with a banana cream cheese frosting(gluten free). If you don’t know what a whoopie pie is it has two cake like little circles and a cream that makes the two little circles stick together like a sandwich. If you still don’t know what a whoopie pie is go on my Instagram page called bertbakey which my Mom made for me this break.

Botond’s New House

     We are zooming past rocks, trees and piles of colorful leaves  stacked and stacked on each other. I asked mom 

“Are we there yet,“and mom said 

“not yet,”.

 (It felt like I was in this car for hours so I glanced at the clock on my wrist to see if I was right, and I was wrong because it was 3:36 o’clock and we were in the car since it was 3:28 o’clock.) I asked mom again the same question after 5 minutes and she said

“We’re here at Botond’s house,”


     We parked on the road next to a yellow house. It was huge, gigantic,colossal,enormous and any other words for big. I asked my mom 

“Do you like it, and  would you like to live in it?” my mom says

“No it’s to big for our family even though we have 3 children and 2 adults,”(I think she knew I was going to ask why no).

 There is a button on a gate in front of the garage and front door.  We pushed it and there was a long beep and after that I jump up and down. Somebody opened the garage and front door(I think they pressed a button because no one came out to open it).When we reached  half way through a stone road, the front door opened ,we went a few steps closer and we were in front of the front door. We entered the yellow house.


      When we got in the first thing we did is we wiped our shoes on a fury square that looked like sod that was dead and then took them off our furry long  sleeved shirts that were over my T-shirt. We first went into the warmest part of the whole house, the kitchen and just when we step in the kitchen a dog that was smaller and furrier,a cat!(I wanted a cat ever since my family visited another family who had a cat) and it was running straight towards me and a few seconds later I was petting the cat.I asked Botond (my best friend)

 “what’s the cats name,”. He said

 “his name is Cirmi, “

“He’s a boy,” I asked.

“Yeah,” said Botond.


      We sat down at a dinner table and sat down and talked. My mom and Botond’s mom, Agota were talking (on the opposite side of the table while we were on our side of the table that Agota and my mom were sitting on), meanwhile we’re talking about what we should play first. There were a lot of options because he had Nerf guns, he had a T.V in their play room because he has a sister and (his house had one more room to spare so they made a play room) he’s a little bit older than his sister. I chose Nerf war because I like Nerf guns and I had on the top floor. First, we went upstairs and began.  We needed to finish the Nerf war because Agota was calling us for snack so I glanced at my watch again to check if it was really snack time and it was 4:12 so it was snack. Me and Botond ran down the stairs to see what did Agota cook for snack. We went in the kitchen and I thought the cat wasn’t going to be there but I spoke too soon, and the cat was running so he can purr right next to me. I was looking at the cat then I saw Agota put down pancakes right in the middle of the table that were as flat as paper, she put nutella, and strawberries too (my two favorite toppings on pancakes) . I ate two nutella pancakes with some strawberries on the side.


       With the last pancake I really wanted to be creative with the pancake so I put on a thin layer of nutella like I would do it on a piece of toast with butter in the morning. Then I put a straight line of strawberries like a beautiful land skape with two lands with a river between the lands. Next, I folded it in half then rolled it up. At last, you eat it.


      When I was eating the pancake I was looking for all the flavors in the pancake. The texture was killing the pancake in a good way because the strawberry was a little bit bitter and the nutella was sweet. The taste was like when you dip your strawberry in a chocolate fountain. When I finished I said to Botond

“ You need to try this kind of pancake,” I said  this because it was amazing and I need someones opinion  because I want to be a chef when I grow up. I said what toppings you need to Botond. Botond made the pancake the same way I did and took a nibble out of the pancake and he said

“Oh my gosh this pancake is wonderful,”

     Meanwhile Botond and I were planing to go outside. So we went outside and the cat came out with us to the back yard. We played with him (the cat) a little bit (actually a lot around 13 minutes) then we went to the gate and played with a soccer ball. We played a game called Brazilian they invented this game in Brazil. While we were doing that Botond told me a story when he saved a snake.

      He tells the story to me. 

“When I was out playing soccer by myself  and I saw a snake in one of there flower pots. It couldn’t get out.(He loves snakes, maybe you are asking how do I now this so here is the answer well we were friends since kinder garden and I don’t like snakes.) I quickly went to get a bucket and when he got back I scooped the snake out of the flower pot and gently I let it go on the ground”. The first question I asked him was

“Was the snake venomous?” and he said



     After that story around 5 minutes later my mom came and called me in the car. I asked mom,

“Do you think they are going to call me over again,”. My mom said

“Maybe, we’ll never know,”.

I really want Botond to invite me again because his house is super nice.

2 years later…(which is 2019 October)

      It’s October and my family is going to a Fall festival at the Scarsdale pool. We enter the festival and there were animals on a table and that was the first place I went and then I came over my fear and touched a snake the first time of my life. I asked them this before I touched a snake

“Was the snake venomous?”and  they said


so I touched the snake and the snake’s skin had a wonderful touch. Then from now on I loved snakes but I am also just going to touch snakes that do not have venom. After 1 hour of me touching a snake we went home.