The Day With My Cousin

My mom and I were meeting my cousin at a restaurant. We walked from the  American Girl store carrying a big bag and a small bag. When we got to the restaurant we saw my cousin. I was so excited I gave her a hug and said “hi!”  We sat down. The waiter came over and said, “What do you want to eat?”

I said, “I want a big burger.” My cousin said “same.”

When we were waiting for our food we opened the stuff I got at American girl. Then our food came I was happy because I  was starving, “time to eat” I said. I took a big bite then I realized it was so hot.  I had so much water. It was very cold. “Now I can eat.” I took a small bite this time, finally it was a great burger. We had a bit more and then mom said, “Do you want dessert?” We answered “Yes!” “Oreo milkshake  share, please,“ we said.

Five minutes later, our shake came. We took a big sip–we loved it. When we finished the shake, we washed our hands and left the restaurant. Finally, we  walked to the car and drove home together.