Ocean Ecosystems

Ocean Ecosystem



Many plants and animals live in the ocean. Some animals that live in the ocean come on land! You may not know but catfish usually come up on land! The all the water in the world covers 71 percent of the earth!


Producers are things that live and creates their own food such as on land a flower. Most producers in the ocean live in the shallow waters aka. The sunlit zone or photic zone.Producers that live in the oceans all have the ability to live underwater without air.Producers that live in the ocean you may think are coral, and seaweed but there is one more, it’s seagrass.coral is actually not a plant. Coral is made from many different skeletons from different plants and and animals. You can see a lot of seaweed in many beaches but some people think they are bad.


Consumers are things that do not produce their own food. All consumers are living.Consumers are usually a animal that eats another animal and so on.A Common consumer in the ocean is fish, many kinds of fish. Dolphins are a smart kind of consumer. They round up the fish up to the surface and then the fish jump out the water and they catch it. smart right?


How We Can Help

There has been many bg islands of garbage in the oceans that are filled with plastic bags and ziploc snack bags scattered by currents that sweep them to the same place. These bags and other plastics that were swept out into open seas are eaten by turtles because they think they are jellyfish and whales while they are eating, other nets strangle fish,gulls,crabs and other animals. We can help

this by using reusable bags and if you see a plastic flying toward the ocean or if you see one in the water, pick it up and put it in a garbage bin.



Now that you see how we can help. Throw away any plastics you see and see the unique wonders under the sea!

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