Blog post on Rube Goldberg Machine #1

It was hard to decide how many people will be in our group or do we want 2 people with 2 people. When we finally decided we wanted 4 people altogether. In our group we had Hana, Caitlyn, Ally and Me. It took very long to decide what our plan was going to be and how it was going to work. We started with many meetings at our teammates house and we hoped it was going to be successful. We had many arguments and debates on the project. We are all happy that we are starting well on our Rube Goldberg Machine!

One thought on “Blog post on Rube Goldberg Machine #1

  1. I liked how you wrote about how you had a hard time deciding if you should have 1 big group or two small groups but I think that at the end you could be a bit more descriptive. Like when you said, “We had many arguments and debates on the project.” What arguments and debates did you have?

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