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Me and my group were very exited and woried of wether our Rube Goldberg was going to work or not. We had many fails and sucsesses. I thought this was a great 5th grade experence.  Our group had thought alot about how it was going to work and how it was going to work. We wanted our Rube Goldberg to exeed the expactations and be able to have at least one sucsess. Personaly I thought we needed more steps. We ended off with only 8 steps. Our group was very rushed as well. I only finished the Video editing the day before it was due. This will be one of my best memories of being at heathcote school. Over all I thought me and my group all had a great time on working on this project!

One thought on “Blog Post #4

  1. I thought that this post was very organized. You transitioned through the different topics very well. The only thing that is wrong with your is that the post is more of a blog post #6 than a blog post #4. Like when you said, “Overall I though me and my group all had a great time working on this project!” That should go at the end of blog post
    #6, not #4.

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