Choosing a Topic for Capstone

For our Capstone project it was hard to choose a topic, Capstone is the main project of 5th grade and I would look forward to it when I was little. When I was picking my topic, there where many challenging parts, one of them is trying not to pick the same topic as another person, also it was hard to find a topic that is not so easy, but not so hard as well. At the end, now my Capstone project is the Amazon Echo. I really want to start the actual topic. I’m so excited! I cant wait to choose my main inquiry question, which is the question we will be asking. I really hope my project will turn out very well.

5 thoughts on “Choosing a Topic for Capstone

  1. I like how you showed the challenges but you really need to write more. I did not have a very good visual and you need more detail.

  2. I like how you added what you stuggled with while choosing a topic but I think you could’ve written more and gone into more detail.

  3. I think you could write more and talk about your feelings and say why you chose amazon echo. Maybe write more about your feelings on choosing a topic instead of saying that the other grades are looking forward to it. But I like how you wrote some challenges you faced maybe you could add a little more challenges you faced. But it was good.

  4. I like you blog post. I think you did a good job explaining what you had trouble with and how you had been looking forward to it. I think you could of maybe described why you picked the topic and maybe your other choice as well, but I still think you did a good job explaining everything. Great Work!

  5. Deciding on a Capstone topic is not easy, but I think you did a good job sticking with the process until you found a topic that was both interesting and adequately challenging. The privacy issues related to Amazon Echo are so interesting!

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