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My interveiw was not what I thought it would be like. I was really nervouse at first but it turns out the person I was interveiwing, Al Lindsy, Was nicer than I thought. Mrs. Edwards, my teacher, helped me a lot with my interveiw. Before we started our interveiw we needed to write interveiw questions, questions for the person we are interveiwing, my questions were:

What role have you played in making and improving the Amazon Echo?


1.How is the Echo programmed to know so much?

2.What was the most challenging part about making Amazon Echo?

3.How did Amazon decided on the voice of Alexa? Are there different voices for languages?

4.What part of Amazon Echo are you still looking to make better?

5.Some people say they are afraid of the Echo listening to their conversations. How does the 6.Amazon Echo protect their privacy?

7.How does the Amazon Echo affect peoples lives?

8.How has the Amazon Echo improved from 1st generation to 2nd generation?

9.What do you most want to add to the Echo?

  1. What are you most proud about the Echo?
  2. What is the best and worst part of your job?


After you figure out what questions you are going to ask the person your interveiwing, you find the person you will interveiw, in my case, Al Lindsy, you ask the person your interveiwing if you can interveiw them, if they say yes, you get ready for the interveiw. You will have a couple days to get ready. Then you interveiw.


Mrs. Edwards helped me print out a packet with what I would say when im interveiwing.

We take notes of what the person your interveiwing said to answer your question.

I thought my interveiw went really well and I think that other interveiws went great in my class as well. I can’t wait till our final part of the project!

2 thoughts on “My Interveiw

  1. i like the blog post because you said it in chronological order, and took us through the steps. But maybe you could say your favorite questions instead of writing all your interview questions, otherwise great job.

  2. I like how you wrote how you felt before the interview. I also like how you wrote what things you did to make it easier at your interview.

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