Capstone #4 Site Visit

My site visit was at best buy. At first, I thought my site visit was a bit simple because all the rest of my class went to somewhere that actually made the products or researched about their topic. I soon found out that is wasn’t as bad as I thought.


A site visit is somewhere that has the product or the thing that you are reaserching about. Because of this, I thought, why can’t my site visit be my house? When I went to Best Buy I noticed it sells mostly electronics. I looked around and I finaly found the thing I was looking for, the amazon alexa. The alexa has many fuctions too like it can play games, check the stock and ext.


I thought the interveiw went better than the site visit because I thought the interveiw went smother than the site visit and the site visit was kind of boring as well.

2 thoughts on “Capstone #4 Site Visit

  1. I like how you explained what a site visit is, maybe you can say something about taking the pictures, because that’s mostly what a site visit is about. Overall I liked your blog post.

  2. I like how you talked about the things you did atyour site visit. i also like how you compared you site visit to your interview at the end.

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