My inquiry question as you know if you read my other posts is Amazon Echo: Friend or Foe. We started our final project! While we were getting ready to present to all of the grades we had to make our slideshow (mine is 9 slides long), time ourselves, decide whether we want a ted talk, (ted talks have to be at least 6 slides) or an ignite ( ignites have to be 12 slides and has to be 3 mins long, no less than 3 mins and can’t be longer than 3 mins), and most importantly, memorize our slides.

Memorizing was probably the hardest part in my point of view because it is hard to remember 9 slides, especially when your nervous. I chose a ted talk so I have more time to explain what is going on. Capstone is the main and final project of 5th grade and i’m so glad to be finishing this project! we will be performing all of the grades on on Tuesday (June 19, 2018). I can’t wait to present my slides to everyone.

I really hope I memorize my lines/script quickly so I won’t make any mistakes while performing to all of the grades. I really can’t wait until the end of the year and the end of my capstone project!


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