Working with wood and screws!

Yesterday, in technology P7, we worked with wood and tools. It was enjoyable and we got a lot of ideas of what to make. We had a lot of wiggle room of what we felt like creating. I had a lot of fun screwing little golden colored screws into the wood. It was easier to screw the screw outwards instead of inwards. Drilling a hole through the wood took a lot of time but it was nice to know that you could drill a screw all the way through a thick piece of scrap wood. Later, I took my piece of scrap wood and started using the awl to carve a figure into the wood. I was upset that I didn’t have enough time to finish though. It was hard to screw the screw into the wood and some people found that balancing the screw in the wood so you could screw it in was challenging. Overall I had a lot of fun screwing into the wood and carving the wood too.

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