My Initial Thoughts…

Well i’m ok with this but I have second thoughts. I mean that the whole world soon will see my blog it’s kind of cool that you guys could see my writing right now and could get famous but still it’s all little creepy that you guys could see me write. I would do a blog two times a week. But you know when your shy in front everyone. Well i’m basically speaking to the whole world. That’s why i’m shy and a little scared. I really want to do this because now there is a undo button and that is awesome so now I don’t need to be scared or shy. I am just looking foward to doing this blog and I just have to deal with it. I am so excited to do this ¬†you don’t know how excited I am to do this blog.

2 thoughts on “My Initial Thoughts…

  1. Hey,
    you really thought out how you thought about you soon going to be able to show all your work to the world

  2. Dear Braden,
    I really like how thought out everything and how you organized it. I also like how you describe your feelings!

    From, Jasper

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