Land And Water

I had teammates and there names are Ella,  Avani and Alex. We are working on Land + Water in science. I learned the runoff carries the dirt with it and the runoff leaves a path.

 I also think we are working fine ’cause we all made jobs that we do well at. 
I feel good from using the materials now ’cause at the beginning I didn’t know to do but know I feel fine ’cause I learned how to use them now.
I like pouring the water ’cause it’s fun to watch the water as it goes and thinking that you have poured that water on the stream table and see how it makes a difference.
I didn’t really have a confusing lesson ’cause my teammates showed me how. 
I think I did really well ’cause I took a lot of notes that helped along the way.
I think I did catching the water in the bucket job really well.
I think I can improve on the water pouring ’cause once I accidentally spelt some water.
I feel Interested, Successful, Happy and Thrilled about science.

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