The Sphero was really fun to use. It is a little robot you program to make them move or talk ect. We programed the Sphero on iPads to make them move. When we got the Sphero’s I was like “Cool! Sphero’s.” Then after lunch a teacher walked in and said that she is going to teach us about the Sphero’s. When we got the iPads our teacher sent us into groups. I got Leo and Luc. We were so happy that we were together. Then after we logged into the app that we were supposed to program the Sphero’s we had to watch a video, it was an introduction. And then after the video we went to the meeting room to actually start programming them. Once we got to the meeting room me and my group just went into a spot and started programing it. After a bit of fun the teacher challenged us to program the robot to move in a strait line. That was hard because if you want to program the Sphero you need to know the speed the seconds it’s going to last the angle to turn and the aim so it go’s into a strait line. That part was really challenging but then the teacher made a harder challenge. In the meeting room there are squares on the ground. She said to make the robot go around the whole square. This was really hard because we had to make the robot stay in the lines going all the way around. With the programing me and my team knew this was going to be hard. We took multiple tries but we did it right when class stopped.


Overall this project was really fun but challenging.

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  1. I liked how you said your thoughts. I think you should write how you figured it out. Like stopping it the end of the line, and how it went in the square.

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