Should Cursive Be Taught in School

I don’t think schools should teach cursive because what is the point of it? Wow, you like cursive. SO. There is no use of it. I would not like cursive because there are more ways and cursive is not important. Like I said there is no use for cursive handwriting. It makes students sad and frustrated when they have to do it. Coping those letters over and over it’s just not fun.

Pokemon Go! My Feature Article

In class we made feature articles for a month. When I was making my feature article Pokemon Go the process was really fun and challenging.  This process was challenging because it was hard to organize and it took a long time.  I enjoyed the process on writing this feature article because I know a lot about the topic and it is interesting to me.

If you want to see my feature article click on the link below!


My Feature Article

Animal Cloning

I just read an article about animal cloning and I am going to tell you why I disagree with the cloning. I do not like animal cloning because when it clones the clone could have side effects which could affect their lives. One good thing about cloning is that the animal can have another life.

Rocketry Presentation

On December 5th we did our rocketry presentations. It was when we presented our slides from rocketry to our parents. Luckily we practiced with each other and my class. So when December 5th came I was shocked because it was the day we were going to present. I was so nervous and shy and mixed emotions that I can’t explain but at the same time I felt good. I was like at least we are doing it today. But I got nervous again when I heard that we were going FIRST. Then when we started to present my cheeks started to get red and before I knew it, it was my turn. But, it went well, and I was happy enough to do the other slides calm. And after it was done. I was happy we did it.

Overall, the presentation went well. I was a little nervous but I really liked it.

The Dakota Oil Pipe Line

The Dakota oil pipe line could be good but at the same time be bad. Here is one reason why it is good. It transfers oil from place to place quicker and better. The bad reason is that when the oil goes through the pipe line it ruins the environment and farmers in Iowa are also worried because, it can ruin there soil and take up their land. Another reason why it is bad is that the oil pipe line run’s through the native american’s property and it will ruin everything, they never even had a chance to agree or disagree.

Peter in Pax

In the book Pax there is a character named Peter. Peter is a non giving up person and willing to do whatever it takes to find Pax he’s pet fox. How it all started is when Peter’s dad had to go to war and they had to abandon Pax on the side of the road. Peter got so sad and angry he ran away from his grandpa’s house in the break of dawn. Once he get’s in his journey he breaks his ankle on someone’s property. The person’s property was Viola’s. At first Viola get’s mad at Peter asking what he was doing there. But when they get to know each other Viola start’s to get nice and partly funny. Viola was also a doctor in the war and fixed Peter’s ankle but it still needs some rest so Viola gives Peter crutches. Peter suddenly thinks of Pax and tries to go find him again but Viola told him that he needs to stay until his foot heals. This means that Peter is really desperate to find Pax.