Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech

I think Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech has been realized and not been realized. Here are some ways I say this.

I say this because if Martin Luther King Jr. hasn’t made that speech every black person would be treated unfairly still. But since he has said this speech now people are treated better but still a couple of black people are treated unfair.

These examples represent why Martin Luther King Jr.s speech is realized but at the same time not realized.

6 thoughts on “Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech

  1. I like how you ordered it and said they were treated fairly and treated not fairly. I really agree with you. I think you should add some more details and give evidence about how they are treated unfairly.

  2. I agree with your statement that his speech has been realized and not realized. I think that you should add more examples about why you think that.

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