Rube Goldberg #2

For our Rube Goldberg sketch it was difficult to figure out and agree to an idea. Sometimes someone got an idea, but the other person wouldn’t agree to it. The main part of why the sketch was hard is because it was to write about your machine, but while we were doing the sketch we were still wondering how the machine would work with what materials. It was also hard to discuss plans over the weekdays so we to make the effort to make plans with each other.

After a long 10 to 15 minutes we came up with the machine and how it would work and we knew what was needed to do it. We came up with something easy, but it would be hard to make. And our idea was to make a planning sheet of what it would look like and we would share with each other. We went with most of Ryan’s ideas because he had more steps and they were more interesting.

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