Capstone – Site Visit 4

For my Site Visit I went to a Radio Station. It was very fascinating  I saw people talking in microphones, I took pics too and  it was great! Dawn Stevens (The person I interviewed) guided me through the place and it was pretty much a long hallway with doors on the side and each room helps and makes radio. Dawn Stevens showed me where he worked and I thought it was the best room I saw during my interview. It had all the buttons and levers and computers all on one desk, and a window in front of it so he can so what is going on. That room was the best. Another cool room I saw was a room that had on air and was ON AIR!! But I didn’t go in because I couldn’t interrupt their broadcast. After that I saw the last room that had nine chairs about and they all had microphones so they could have a meeting on air. I also sat in one of the chairs! Then me and my mom went outside for the last information we could get. There was a satellite radio panel on the roof and he explained what that meant. When we were done Dawn Stevens gave us a map of the sound wave radius for me to work on me capstone!

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