Working on my Final Project – Capstone 6

My Final Project was really hard. Why? Because I had a wevideo which had to be perfect which also means that I need a good voiceover, pictures, a way to fit in a link and QR code. I wanted to make the best out of mine but that didn’t go so well.

The first time I presented my voiceover it sounded so static that when feedback came everyone was saying. “Change the voiceover!”. So I went outside of the classroom and started working. It was hard because there was a lot of noise coming from the wing which I did not want to include in my voiceover.

So I started on the pictures. Someone pointed out at feedback was that is was boring and only had two pictures going back and forth so I started changing that. It was also pretty hard because I had to fit the right picture at the right time so it took a while to finish. Luckily when I finished there was no noise coming from the wing so I had my chance to voiceover. I only got to do a couple before lunch though. That was only one part of about three presenting’s which meant a lot of work.

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