Capstone Share – Capstone 7 (2)

On Tuesday we had our capstone share with the parents. All I did was put some headphones on some parents who wanted to see my project and yeah that was it. Before that we had a chorus concert and I was embarrassed after because we messed two songs up.

When my mom, dad and older brother came to listen to my capstone they were all proud. She was also proud when she was listening to my project. She said it was amazing with a very happy face and gave my a hug and then my dad listened to it and pretty much said the same thing and last but not least my older brother, he just gave me a quick hug. They were all very happy but before that I was nervous that they would think that my capstone was bad. I had an extra smile on my face when they were very proud. After that we celebrated by going to lunch. I really enjoyed the capstone project and hope that next year the other fifth graders will enjoy it to.

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